Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fence and Driveway

The property has 1000 feet of road frontage but had an awkward, sharp-angled entry from a front corner of the property. In order to make entering the property easier, and to make the entrance and drive a bit more formal, we decided to relocate the entrance and re-route part of the driveway. This required having the city come and add a new culvert and curb cut that was more centered in the front of the property. Additionally, we decided to fence the 900ft of road frontage. We put a double gate at the main entrance and single gates at the entrances to the circular drive to the Party House. Afterward, we found the 1970's renovation plan for the house and it included re-routing the driveway to almost exactly the same location. We wanted a substantial fence - and we got one. The boards are 2"x8" and the posts are 4"x6". The contractor had these custom milled and are "true" to size. This fence would hold an elephant! The fence is stained white to match the trim color of the house.

The gate at the main entrance is automated and has an call box which contacts the Maint House, Guest House, Party House or our phones when a visitor arrives and allows us to "buzz" them in.

The finished product.

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